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Failure of Courtney Airsavers Ltd

ATOL No: 5711
Date of failure: 10.12.2020

UPDATE: We are only able to process claims made within 12 months of a business ceasing to trade. As it has now been longer than 12 months since this business failure, we are unable to accept any new claims.

ATOL financial protection is covered by the Air Travel Trust’s fund, to find out more about the Air Travel Trust’s fund please click here.

Courtney Airsavers Ltd – ATOL 5711 has ceased trading on 10/11/2020.

The company based in Newcastle Upon Tyne traded under the name Courtney Airsavers Ltd.

Courtney Airsavers Ltd sold different types of holidays; it is very important that customers read and follow the advice below depending on the type of booking that you have.

The majority of holidays sold by Courtney Airsavers Ltd were sold as an agent for other tour operators. Courtney Airsavers Ltd also sold some ATOL protected flight-inclusive packages and flight only arrangements.

Holidays booked through Courtney Airsavers Ltd with another tour operator

If you booked a package holiday through Courtney Airsavers Ltd and the holiday is provided by another tour operator, you will need to contact the tour operator named on your paperwork or ATOL Certificate for a flight inclusive package (listed on your ATOL certificate under “Who is protecting your trip”).

Your tour operator should be able to confirm that they have your booking. Your tour operator will be responsible for your booking going forward.

Your ATOL Certificate will say ‘Package Sale’ in the bottom right-hand corner.


ATOL protected consumers are those that booked:

ATOL protected Flight-Only booking 

If you were issued with a ticket or e-ticket, you will need to contact the airline that you are due to be travelling with as your flight should be valid, and you should still be able to travel.

The best way to determine if your flight was ATOL protected is to check your paperwork.  If you booked a Courtney Airsavers Ltd ATOL protected flight you should have an ATOL Certificate which says ‘Flight-Only’ in the bottom right hand corner. Courtney Airsavers Ltd, ATOL 5711 will also be shown in the box to the left of this.

You can only claim a refund under the ATOL scheme if you secured your flight with just a deposit (rather than payment of the full cost of the flight).  Unprotected flights were typically those where full payment was made at the time of the booking and a ticket was issue straightaway.

An ATOL protected flight inclusive package protected by Courtney Airsavers Ltd.

Your ATOL Certificate will say either ‘Package Single Contract’ or ‘Package Multi-Contract’ in the bottom right hand corner.  Courtney Airsavers Ltd ATOL number 5711 will also be shown in the box to the left of this.


Consumers with Courtney Airsavers Ltd flight inclusive package bookings due to travel

If you were issued with flight tickets or e-tickets, the flight may be valid, passengers are advised to check with the airline, if the airline confirms you have a valid ticket for travel, you have two options.

Option 1. If you do not wish to use your flight you can make a claim for a refund for the amount you paid to Courtney Airsavers Ltd for your ATOL Protected package (depending upon your original method of payment).  Also applicable for passengers with non-valid flights.

Option 2. You can use your flight and if you are asked to pay again for the other elements included in your original package, claim for the cost of replacing these (subject to how you originally paid).

The other services may not have been paid to the local suppliers and you may be required to re-arrange and pay for these services again.   To avoid any issues in resort, you should confirm the cost of all the elements in advance of travel.

However, there is a limit to the amount you can claim. For details of your claim entitlements may view the ATT Payment Policy.

Consumers who choose Option 1 may make a claim under ATOL.  Consumers who choose Option 2 and decide to travel can make a claim under ATOL for the costs incurred in replacing the pre-booked elements of their holiday.  The replacement items must either match their original booking or be of the same standard, board basis, room type, tour etc, as the original.  Please check the ATT Payment Policy for your claim entitlement.  Details of documentation required for making a claim can be found in the claim guidance.

Please note claims cannot exceed the total cost of the original booking made with Courtney Airsavers Ltd.


Think very carefully before you choose option 2 and check the cancellation terms with the suppliers particularly considering the prevailing short notice travel restrictions and/or quarantine measures.

Please note that if you choose to travel and use your valid flight, you are not protected under The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 as your package travel provider has ceased to trade.  You will therefore be responsible for any risks arising from each individual element of your trip which would have previously been protected.


ATOL protected bookings that were cancelled and refund credit notes

If your ATOL booking was cancelled on or after 10th March 2020 due to Covid-19 and protected by Courtney Airsavers Ltd and you were issued with an ATOL Covid-19 Voucher – they may have called it a ‘Refund Credit Note’ or provided written confirmation that you are owed a refund, you may make a claim.


Claim document

ATOL claim form

Please note that we can only accept claims for cancelled ATOL bookings.   Unfortunately, this means that if you booked an unprotected flight (see above ‘An ATOL protected Flight-Only booking’) you cannot make an ATOL claim and need to speak to the airline.

Time limit for making a claim to ATOL by 10th November 2021.

Bookings which do not include a flight element are not covered by the ATOL scheme and consumers should contact

The UK CAA has the power to prosecute offences related to its statutory functions. Person(s) who make fraudulent ATOL claims, following the failure of an ATOL holder, may be prosecuted by the UK CAA for offences under section 1 of the Fraud Act 2006. The maximum sentence for this offence is 10 years’ imprisonment.