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Do the holiday booking boogie with ATOL

Date posted: 21.12.2022

The Air Travel Organisers Licence (or ATOL for short), run by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, is launching its new advertising campaign to encourage people to do the ‘holiday booking boogie’ once they’ve booked a package holiday with an ATOL-licenced company.

The campaign aims to capture the excitement and optimism consumers feel when booking an overseas holiday with family or friends. It shows people dancing in their homes knowing that their booking is financially protected by the ATOL scheme.

Recent research conducted by the UK CAA revealed that around three-quarters of UK consumers reported they plan to fly the same amount or more in the next 12 months, with only 18 per cent saying they plan to fly less.

Even in the current economic climate, half of UK adults (50 per cent) said even if the price of flights increased by 10 per cent in 2023 compared to 2022, this would not change how much they plan to travel next year.

Timed to run throughout January, traditionally the busiest time of the year for holiday bookings, it will be the biggest campaign ever run promoting ATOL, the financial protection scheme which protects consumers if their holiday firm stops trading, making sure they don’t get stuck abroad or lose money.

Adverts will be seen across digital channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify and content will run across ATOL’s own social media channels, which will encourage consumers to send in videos of themselves doing their own holiday booking boogie when organising their next overseas trip.

Michael Budge, Head of ATOL at the UK Civil Aviation Authority said: “Our consumer research shows that planning and booking holidays is an exciting process and we wanted our campaign to tap into that feeling.

“People are positive and optimistic as they look forward to their overseas trip next year, but we know holidays can be a significant financial outlay, especially in the current economic climate.

“This makes it doubly important to book your package holiday with an ATOL licensed operator. We want people to have peace of mind knowing they will not be left out of pocket if the worse were to happen between booking and travelling.

“The campaign is designed to be a fun way of conveyed a serious message that consumers should check their holiday is financially protected by the ATOL scheme, before they book.”

Note to Editors

Created by AB Brand and Marketing Agency, the online and broadcast campaign theme is ‘the holiday booking boogie,’ and is timed to support the traditional peak holiday booking period. The campaign is anticipated to reach up to 25 million people.

Savanta conducted an online survey of 2,226 UK adults between the 11th and 13th of November 2022. Data was weighted to be nationally representative of all UK adults by age, gender, region and social grade. In this survey, around three-quarters of UK consumers reported they plan to fly the same amount (52 per cent) or more (23 per cent) in the next 12 months.

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