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Closed ATOL Failures

Below is a list of ATOL failures that are closed to claims. Current ATOL Failures can be found on ATOL Failures.

Year of Failure – 2022

Year of Failure – 2022
ATOL Holder ATOL number Date of Failure
Explore Montenegro Ltd 10386 05-Oct-22
Live Holidays Ltd 6346 04-Oct-22
Arena Tours Ltd 10117 23-Sep-22
Dream World Travel Ltd 9398 26-Jul-22
Onecall Travels Ltd 11146 26-Jul-22
Amaana Tours Ltd 10602 29-Jun-22
Tango Tours Ltd 10002 16-Mar-22
Get Me To The Alps Limited T7465 07-Feb-22

Year of Failure – 2021

Year of Failure – 2021
ATOL Holder ATOL number Date of Failure
Pax Travel Ltd 3011 22-Dec-21
Uni Travel Ltd 4660 15-Dec-21
Blue O2 Ltd 6589 15-Nov-21
Ethos Travel Ltd 9435 09-Nov-21
Truly Travel Limited T7300 29-Oct-21
Cheap Cost Holidays Ltd 10947 26-Oct-21
Mercator Enterprises Ltd 10528 11-Oct-21
Tangent Expeditions Ltd 9074 30-Sep-21
News Travel Ltd 9364 30-Sep-21
Melody Music Company Ltd 6217 27-Sep-21
Travel the Unknown Ltd 9854 12-Aug-21
Bird Holidays Ltd 5546 10-Aug-21
Sam Smith Travel Ltd 6986 15-Jul-21
Travel Day Ltd 9246 30-Mar-21
Ace Point Travel 9037 29-Mar-21
Williams D 5242 18-Mar-21
Silver Ski Holidays Ltd 2093 12-Mar-21
Baxter Hoare Travel Ltd 2975 12-Mar-21
Strand Travel Limited 5429 08-Mar-21
Oasis Overland Ltd 9339 17-Feb-21
Tucan Ltd 6855 01-Feb-21
Skylink Travel & Tours Ltd 9839 22-Jan-21

Year of Failure – 2020

Year of Failure – 2020
ATOL Holder ATOL Number Date of Failure
Alpine Elements Ltd 6435 08-Dec-20
APS Select Ltd 5336 18-Nov-20
Horncastle Executive Travel Ltd 75244 16-Nov-20
Courtney Airsavers Ltd 5711 10-Nov-20
Strandtown Travel (NI) Limited 11029 05-Nov-20
The Flash Pack Ltd 11200 03-Nov-20
The Independent Traveller Ltd 5912 19-Oct-20
Go Travel Limited 6928 09-Oct-20
E Thornton and Son Ltd 3452 01-Oct-20
Gendai Travel Ltd 4192 21-Sep-20
Cities Direct Ltd 5501 07-Sep-20
STA Travel Ltd 3206 21-Aug-20
Harris Holidays Ltd 6624 04-Aug-20
Pollard C J trading as Christopher Pollard Tours 10256 27-Jul-20
Viceroy Ltd 11018 21-Jul-20
South Quay Travel & Leisure Ltd 4619 20-Jul-20
David Urquhart Sky Travel Ltd 3701 16-Jul-20
Fleetway Travel Ltd 2748 13-Jul-20
Pan Express Business Travel Ltd 5682 03-Jul-20
Jacada Travel Ltd 9761 29-May-20
Shearings Holidays Ltd 1666 22-May-20
On Tour Travel Ltd 9217 13-May-20
Enjoy Travel Limited 6227 08-May-20
Colouricious Limited 10830 01-May-20
Paragon Sports Management Ltd 6724 27-Apr-20
Westeast Travel Limited 3619 13-Mar-20
Chaka Travel Ltd 9422 13-Mar-20
Can Be Done Ltd 9330 12-Mar-20

Year of Failure – 2019

Year of Failure – 2019
ATOL Holder ATOL Number Date of Failure
Old Havana Ltd 9627 25-Nov-19