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ATOL renewals statement

The UK Civil Aviation Authority confirms that of the 1,133 ATOL licences that expired on 30 September 2021, 871 have been renewed, with a further 118 still in the process. In total there are now 1,517 ATOL holders, with 661 due to renew in March 2022.

With 217 businesses applying in the fourteen days leading up to the 30 September deadline, 85 of which were in the last three days, the UK Civil Aviation Authority urges travel businesses that are due to renew in March 2022 to apply in good time before the 31 March 2022 deadline because of the time required to analyse and process applications, and put any required conditions in place. Businesses that fail to allow reasonable time to apply by the deadline risk being unable to take ATOL protected bookings.

ATOL Licences as of 30 September 2018


ATOL Licences as of 25 October 2019


ATOL Licences as of 30 September 2020


ATOL Licences as of 30 September 2021


Did not apply 2018


Did not apply 2019


Did not apply 2020


Did not apply 2021

144 *

Granted 2018


Granted 2019


Granted 2020


Granted 2021


Applied but not yet renewed – 1 October 2018


Applied but not yet renewed – 26 October 2019


Applied but not yet renewed – 1 October 2020


Applied but not yet renewed – 1 October 2021

118 **

Michael Budge, Head of ATOL Licensing at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said:

“We understand the pressure the industry is facing and would like to thank travel companies for engaging with us throughout the renewal process. The Civil Aviation Authority has continued to apply the current ATOL framework when processing the latest renewals.

“The ATOL scheme ultimately exists to protect consumers and therefore it is more important than ever that the Civil Aviation Authority focuses on appropriate protection of customer money, as well as travel businesses maintaining adequate liquidity.”

Notes to editor

Data presented as of 3 October 2021.

* Includes 41 trade ATOL holders that no longer require to hold an ATOL licence.

** 52 of these submitted applications within the last 5 business days of September 2021.

Travel companies with ATOLs must renew their licences each year, either in September or March.

Top 10 ATOL holders as of 3 October 2021 can be found at

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