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Check that your 2024 holiday is financially protected by ATOL

Planning on booking a last minute sunshine getaway?

Before you take the plunge and splash your hard-earned cash, make sure your package holiday is financially protected by ATOL.

How can I check my travel company holds an ATOL?

You can use our handy tool below to check the travel company holds an ATOL.

What is the ATOL scheme?

The ATOL scheme (which stands for Air Travel Organisers Licence) is a financial protection scheme that protects you when you book a package trip that includes a flight. This is separate to travel insurance.

If an ATOL-holding travel company stops trading, the scheme protects its package holiday customers, making sure you don’t get stuck abroad or lose money if you are yet to travel.

Top travel tips to remember

Before your next getaway, don’t be left high and dry. Make sure you check out our top tips below. You can also read more in our News and Blogs section.

Before paying, you should always check that your travel provider is a legitimate ATOL holder and check that the trip is financially protected by ATOL.

Using a credit card should allow you to benefit from enhanced purchase protection under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, if your purchase is between £100 – £30,000.

It’s important to check there are no hidden costs in the terms and conditions or your bargain price could soon start to rise. Before booking your trip, don’t forget to check:

  • Does it include baggage allowance?
  • Is the travel company based in the UK?
  • Is there any flexibility in the booking?
  • Do other travel companies offer the same price?

Travel insurance can provide extra protection if your trip doesn’t work out quite as you intended. It can protect you from range of mishaps from cancellations, missed transport and medical emergencies.